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 Required knowledge/​Tools:​ Basic Linux Required knowledge/​Tools:​ Basic Linux
 Running virtualization platform: VMWare Running virtualization platform: VMWare
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 +After importing the machine, I did a quick scan on the VMware interface to get the port to connect to the device on as at the time, i couldn'​t find the information on the hosted vulnhub page.
 +I arrived at the website and the page suggested to look for a map at the source. It seemed to hint at looking the source code of the website of the images and that is where I found the first hint.
-After importing the machine, I did a quick nmap scan to find out what services were running there.+{{projects:​penetration_testing:​vulnhub_walkthroughs:​screenshot_from_2019-08-06_11-14-27.png}}
-There were three services running there 
-1FTP on port 21.+This clue contained a string in base64After decoding it online, I got the credentials.
-2. SSH on port 22.+{{projects:​penetration_testing:​vulnhub_walkthroughs:​screenshot_from_2019-08-06_11-16-28.png}}
-3. HTTP on port 80 
-===== FTP =====+After getting access to the machine with the credentials,​ there was a note file in the home directory of the user "​scarecrow"​
-The initial nmap scan didn't provide me with much info so I used msfconsole auxiliary information gathering tool about FTP, which gave me information about the banner of the FTP server.+{{projects:​penetration_testing:​vulnhub_walkthroughs:​screenshot_from_2019-08-06_11-17-15.png}}
-A quick google of that showed that it this specific version of the FTP server came from a time when it had a backdoor ​in it and anyone can connect ​to it.+I then looked ​in the passwd file to determine the overall users on the machine and found a few.
-Thankfully for simplicity'​s sake, msfconsole has the vulnerability exploit built in.+{{projects:​penetration_testing:​vulnhub_walkthroughs:​screenshot_from_2019-08-06_11-18-03.png}}
 +I then swapped users to the goblin user, using the password provided in the note.
 +Then, there was a handy script for privilege escalation, and after giving the script the proper permissions to execute, it required a file you can edit to run.
- +And then we get to the root directory which has the flag!
-And we have an open shell immediately running under root privileges. +
- +
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